~ Creating a Main Menu for the dating site

Creating a Main Menu for the Dating System

*Teachers with subscriptions will have access to all worked solutions and python code. This sample project is based on a unique idea by TeachYourselfPython. Maybe we are on to something with the dating algorithm...?!


Create a Main Menu for the prototype Dating System. A menu is always a great place to start. It helps you set out an overview of your system, and if you define some of the functions as well, it will give you an idea of where you are going with the whole program. It's almost like a mini design overview or function diagram in itself! Try it yourself before looking at the suggested solutions below.  


Note: See if you can do better (and you should be able to). The solutions provided are basic, and allow for discussion on possible alternative methods and solutions.


Write your own summary of the problem. What are your objectives? List the success criteria

Design Tools

Designing something or writing out some pseudocode before you actually write code is always a good idea! Get in to the habit of doing so! You can draw your flowchart here and screenshot it.

Try it yourself

Testing Table

You may want to read a little about Testing first. A teacher may go through some examples with you. Feel free to fill in the test table here, and screenshot it in to your powerpoint. Testing is absolutely essential once you have created a program!
Test No. Description Test Data(input) Expected Outcome Actual Outcome Further Action?
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