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Join a 1000+ schools worldwide in using our platform. Hover over links for more. Self marking 'Test and Learn' series with teacher tracking


TeachYourselfPython offers the LEARN, TEACH, and TEST modules. Every pathway is designed to help teachers and students alike get ahead! We also have a ton of free material, to which we add regularly, and all you need to do is take a minute to sign up free! Our solve and learn series will take you through from beginner to advanced and have you creating full programs in a matter of days!

Our hugely popular power point LESSON SERIES include pedagocically tested, engaging power points (with embedded starters, interactivity, videos, programming challenges, solutions, theory, discussion, homework, and more). You may also love TESTANDTRACK.IO - the whole Computer Science and coding syllabus done for you. Trackable and self marking - save hundreds of hours. 1000s of tests. Amazing features. Set code tasks. Write feedback. It's the all in one, ultimate flipped learning solution. All your assessment and progress sorted. Learning will never be the same! Ultimately of course, we hope you will simply learn (and hopefully enjoy!) programming in python!

Tried and tested on teachers and pupils – learn all the basics and more! And learn it well! Whether you are a teacher wanting some engaging teaching material or a student needing to quickly pick the language up to impress your mates (and teachers), this series is for you!

Free Lessons are available here and if you like what you see, please purchase the full series with all associated files. Note: check back for the biggest and ever growing python code snippet library on the web

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If you like our free lessons, you may want to subscribe to gain access to all our content. Each lesson (on subscription) is downloadable and comes with an entire associated folder of Python solution files. Power Points and resources are continually added. Please note: **to subscribe you need to have first signed up as a free member**

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We love Python and we love Computing. It's all here, but please also visit our partner site: www.teachingcomputing.com. Our resources are currently being used by students, teachers and trainers in several countries. Suitable for KS3, secondary school, GSCE, A Level Computing, universities and more...

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On TYP we cover everything from variables, selection, iteration, string handling, file handling, working with CSV files, classes, objects, OOP programming, game design with pygame, tkinter, GUI design, and it's all laid out step by step - learn or teach at your own pace!

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A Better way to learn Python.

Unlike other books, websites and resources on Python, our customisable and hugely comprehensive, not to mention pedagogically tested power points, can be used by both teachers (to teach) and students for independent learning.

On subscribing to a series, interactivity and embedded videos can be accessed, together with all the python task and challenge solution files.

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