~ Pygame: Challenges and Learn


This tutorial/set of challenges assumes you have worked through Series 1 to 3, and especially Series 3 which looks at OOP and Class based game design. In this series you will be given some code (which works) and then asked to extend its functionality. The answer is of course on the next challenge. You can either follow each challenge through like a tutorial, or try and implement each step yourself as you go along! Teachers wishing to deliver this as a challenge may chose to give students the source code and take them through each step (withholding the solutions)

Some of the skills you will cover

Among other things you will go through setting up a game, adding a background, creating characters based on classes, adding a score feature, collision detection (screen as well as enemy collision), creating a main menu screen in pygame, timer function, setting up a high scores feature that writes these scores to file in pygame, adding collectable objects (either bad or good and changing the score accordingly) and finally how to add a next level feature in pygame

All the best!

Video demo

Presentation with decomposition