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Creating a class based Library management system in Python (OOP)

*Please Note* - all presentations and code challenges+solutions are available to subscribing members. It's now time to consolidate some of our learning and put it all together to create a library management system. We'll also be looking at the concept of abstraction and how it is an essential pillar of object orientated programming. Watch the video and then attempt the challenges presented within the code. By the end of it, you should have a working library management system with layers of abstraction. You should also be becoming quite familiar with how classes work in practice, and how you can use them in your projects.


Code and Challenge #1

#Task - create a program for a Library, where Students can take out and return books. The library can lend, and update the collection (when a student returns books)
#Here we will be demonstrating abstraction and encapsulation (more on encaspulation later)
#=======For the Library Class, layers of abstraction ==> *display available books, *lend books, *add books
#=======For the Student Class, layers of abstraction: ==> *request a book* and *return a book*
#Note for abstraction: You are only dealing with the important and relevant details of a library...not the irrevelant details like no. of shelves, or the cobwebs on the cielings!
Task: Based on the creation of this class implementation of a library management system, try and attempt the following:
>>Car rental system.
Your program should perform the following:
1. SUV, Sports and Hatchback are the type of cars that are available for rent
2. Cost per day: Hatchback - 10 Sedan - 100 SUV - 200
3. Prompt the customer for: Type of Car, and the no. of days he would like to borrow the car for.
4. Provide the fare details/output to the customer.

import sys
class Library:
      def __init__(self,listofbooks):#this init method is the first method to be invoked when you create an object
            #what attributes does a library in general have? - for now, let's abstract and just say it has availablebooks (we're not going to program the shelves, and walls in!)

      def displayAvailablebooks(self):
                   print("The books we have in our library are as follows:")
                   for book in self.availablebooks:
      def lendBook(self,requestedBook):
            if requestedBook in self.availablebooks:
                  print("The book you requested has now been borrowed")
                  print("Sorry the book you have requested is currently not in the library")
      def addBook(self,returnedBook):
            print("Thanks for returning your borrowed book")

class Student:
      def requestBook(self):
            print("Enter the name of the book you'd like to borrow>>")
            return self.book

      def returnBook(self):
            print("Enter the name of the book you'd like to return>>")
            return self.book

def main():            
      library=Library(["The Last Battle","The Screwtape letters","The Great Divorce"])
      while done==False:
            print(""" ======LIBRARY MENU=======
                  1. Display all available books
                  2. Request a book
                  3. Return a book
                  4. Exit
            choice=int(input("Enter Choice:"))
            if choice==1:
            elif choice==2:
            elif choice==3:
            elif choice==4:


Download Python 3 here: