~ Level 2

Beginner Level 2

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Your challenges for Level 2 are below! You can also click on the link above to download the presentation, complete it, and submit it to your teacher! All the best

Design Tools

Systems Life Cycle (in a nutshell): Analyse - Design - Create - Test - Evaluate. Have a little read of our section on Design so you know what to do! Designing something or writing out some pseudocode before you actually write code is always a good idea! Get in to the habit of doing so! You can draw your flowchart here and screenshot it.

Try it yourself

Testing Table

You may want to read a little about Testing first. A teacher may go through some examples with you. Feel free to fill in the test table here, and screenshot it in to your powerpoint. Testing is absolutely essential once you have created a program!
Test No. Description Test Data(input) Expected Outcome Actual Outcome Further Action?
Coming soon!