~ NEA Task 3 (OCR GCSE COMPUTING) - Create a Matrix/Grid and Rolling Dice Two Player Game in Python

Sample Project

*Teachers with subscriptions will have access to all solution code (python files)

Creating a two player Matrix/Grid Roll Dice type game in Python

Okay, so it's not the most exciting game ever, but it'll teach you a lot about game design in programing and you'll learn several key concepts that are crucial to helping you solve mini problems/projects/controlled assessments.

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Write your own summary of the problem. What are your objectives? List the success criteria

Design Tools

Systems Life Cycle (in a nutshell): Analyse - Design - Create - Test - Evaluate. Designing something or writing out some pseudocode before you actually write code is always a good idea! Get in to the habit of doing so! You can draw your flowchart here and screenshot it.

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Testing Table

You may want to read a little about Testing first. A teacher may go through some examples with you. Feel free to fill in the test table here, and screenshot it in to your powerpoint. Testing is absolutely essential once you have created a program!
Test No. Description Test Data(input) Expected Outcome Actual Outcome Further Action?
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