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  • Topics- CC Licensed: comprehensive coverage of programming (python) theory with interactivity, polls, and more...
  • How to: interactive Python coding covering all essentials (code online with Trinket) + Python Challenges Beginners Part #1 taster
  • Series 1/2/Newbie -Selected Free Lessons: Learn the Basics + Forum, Code snippets, Chatroom, Members area, useful links,free downloads, latest tech updates (tech-shop), Free areas of the site (content added reguarly) and more
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  • Pupil - Get Ahead
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  • Beginner & Intermediate Python Challenges
  • Members: Drive of Resources
  • Series 1 & 2, Newbie Series Lessons - including selection, iteration, data structures, advanced string and file handling, GUI programming, pygame games, make real programs and get good! Up to and including GCSE level coding skills
  • Self marking tests - (earn a TYP certificate) This feature will be live soon! If you're starting off and want to get ahead and get good, this option is definitely for you!

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  • Pupil Pro
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  • Access: all areas - lesson series: guided lessons & tutorials on advanced topics like OOP, Game design essentials, platform game creation, class based programming. Content added regularly.
  • Suitable for Gifted & Talented, GCSE, A Level, College, University and beyond
  • Python Challenges Section- full access
  • Access to all new learning resources. Create your own project (suitable for A Level or personal projects) area walkthrough - Coming soon

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  • Teachers/Educators
  • £50
  • Download all power point presentations
  • Code snippets: Solutions to all challenges series + solution files for Series 1/2/3/, additional series, GUI programming, platform games, game design and more
  • Subscription Members only - teachers resource drive: reguarly updated with materials(worksheets, videos, more)
  • Note: Our popular new model encourages students to buy pupil/pupil pro subscriptions and get serious about learning.

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  • A teacher username and password will be issued for use by teachers/educators. Students will have unlimited access to all areas via a username and password, issued to the named teacher contact.
  • This is the best option if you are a school wishing to purchase licenses on behalf of students.Teachers will have access to all solution files and all downloads
  • Note: Our preference is the popular new model that suggest students purchase their own subscriptions!

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