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Code Snippet

# This program stores information about pets. For each pet,
#   we store the kind of animal, the owner's name, and
#   the breed.
pets = {'willie': {'kind': 'dog', 'owner': 'eric', 'vaccinated': True},
        'walter': {'kind': 'cockroach', 'owner': 'eric', 'vaccinated': False},
        'peso': {'kind': 'dog', 'owner': 'chloe', 'vaccinated': True},

# Let's show all the information for each pet.
for pet_name, pet_information in pets.items():
    print("\nHere is what I know about %s:" % pet_name.title())
    # Each animal's dictionary is in 'information'
    for key in pet_information:
        print(key + ": " + str(pet_information[key]))

#Example from www.introtopython.org

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