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Decomposition is one of the four cornerstones of Computer Science. It involves breaking down a complex problem or system into smaller parts that are more manageable and easier to understand. The smaller parts can then be examined and solved, or designed individually, as they are simpler to work with.


Discuss: If you were creating a complex game - e.g. Fortnite, discuss and share how decomposition might be used?

Fortnite Wikipedia

The following video will help with the topic of DECOMPOSITION

Answer to starter:

If we are developing a game, different people can design and create the different levels independently provided key aspects are agreed in advance. Through decomposition of the original task each part can be developed and integrated later in the process. A simple arcade level might also be decomposed into several parts, such as the life-like motion of a character, scrolling the background and setting the rules about how characters interact.

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