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An all in one platform, dedicated only to Computer Science and Programming (niche and therefore thoroughly comprehensive). Integrated resources (ppts, videos, tutorials, trinkets and more), self marking tests, all trackable units and lessons, class and custom analytics along with personalised automated feedback for each student once they are part of a class. There are status emojis, points, leaderboards, ranking, the ability to set custom long-answer or coding assignments and more. Whether you are looking for a standlone lesson, a series, computer science or programming, you'll find it here.


A no-nonsense, integrated solution to all-in-one learning, teaching, inspiring students and encouraging independent and flipped learning, as well as saving precious time on marking and assessments (including providing feedback to students, receiving responses, and seeing a clear overview of progress for each individual and the class). This site was the result of many years of experience, trial and error pedagogy, not to mention 100s, if not 1000s, of hours of work that have gone into the self-marking, trackable, self-assessing resources - a portal that inspires students to work harder, compete to improve their personal best, and spend time loving learning and getting ahead. The content has been developed by TIS (teachers in service), former AST (Advanced skills teacher), lead practitioner and Head of Computing. TTIO leaves times for teachers to teach - and enjoy it without being pressurised to evidence results and progress/feedback. The self-marking tests include images, interactive coding trinkets, videos (that are optional to watch), presentations (again, optional) and more. It's all built-in, integrated and designed to boost motivation and results, and save time on assessment!


Comprehensive syllabus coverage (all UK exam boards + topical and coding specifications suitable for the US, India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.) TTIO has been tried and tested in the classroom with some amazing results, and is dedicated to promoting the teaching and learning of computer science, ICT, programming and Internet based entrepreneurship. The site contains useful resources (the interactive and self-marking equivalent of several text books!) that will equip individuals or departments with CS and ICT skills. Students can signup and login in seconds and start their journey. Status points are automatically generated based on our unique formula for progress (factors like time spent, average score etc. are all taken into account), and most tests can be re-attempted up to a maximum of five times. Other tests are password protected and can be set by a teacher as a final assessment. Several tracking tools are available in the Student/Teacher dashboard - and don't forget the leaderboard. If you'd like to know more or have any questions/comments, we'd love to hear from you on:

[email protected]