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Presentation on Memory. Once you are confident of the subject matter, please click "Start Test" to begin.


1. How do you think the memory humans have and computers have are different? Discuss!

2. What is the difference (discuss before you actually research it) between the memory in your phone and on a computer? Are there different types of 'computer memory'?

Suggested Video

Video #2: Brilliant TED Talk on Memory

Additional reading on this topic:

Reading around the topic is key to actually learning and understanding. Computer memory is an intensely interesting and vast topic. Why not peruse some of the links below that will give you an overview of the topic, provide you with information about the types of memory, as well as some interesting history and trivia. The presentation above also provides an overview and even delves briefly into the potential future of memory! (Wikipedia overview on Computer memory) (revision notes from the BBC) (history of computer memory) (types of computer memory) (look through the ages -interactive computer museum link)