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Have you ever wondered what the internet really is? You use it all the time - in fact you are using it now! But what is it? Well, the word "internet" is comprised of two words: "international" and "network", combining to form "inter-net". Did you know that the internet is basically just a massive network! Your next question should be - what on earth is a network? Write or discuss (a one sentence answer to this question)

 You will learn about local area networks (LAN) and of course the most famous example of a global wide area network (WAN) - the Internet! The following links and videos may be useful.

Introduction to Networks PowerPoint

Additional Presentation on networks:

Suggested Video

Discussion questions

1. If you're sitting in a classroom (school or college) you are using a network. Try and explain to someone how it is possible for you to log on to any machine in the building and retrieve your files. Your files (documents, images etc) are obviously NOT stored on every machine on your site! So how does it work?

2. Do you have a home network? How does it work? Sketch it with a brief explanation or explain it to a partner/someone in your class.