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Planning a new system

Reality Check: A company may hope a new system will be wonderful - and it probably will be, but ..

No new system comes without its potential issues and problems. New systems are normally replacements for a less efficient system.

Discussion question:

File:No Facebook.svg - Wikimedia Commons

>>Facebook wants to change its look and feel and implement a new social media platform.

>>The new platform will have entirely different features and functionality. 

a) Should one person be in charge of the new design specification or two or more people? Why?

b) Do you think this is a good idea for facebook? Who should they consider when planning?


Additional information

When planning for a new system, the context in which it will be used is important to be understood. Context = background, environment, framework, setting, or situation surrounding an system.

Two important considerations when considering a new system’s context are:

– The extent of the new system

– The limitations of the new system

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A stakeholder is a person with an interest or concern in something especially a business. A stakeholder is someone who might be:

  • Using a system
  • Supporting a system
  • Realizing benefits from a system.
  • The organization or person paying for the system

You must be careful to identify all the possible relevant stakeholders and consider their needs and desires for the new system as well. A system must meet the need of the stakeholders who use it.