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Introduction to Algorithms

In this lesson you will be introduced to the wonderful world of algorithms. The starter will pose a challenge and you will then get into definitions, uses and applications with an unplugged task and interesting discussion to end. Lots to look forward to in this mini series.

Lesson 1 

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Definitions and key words

What is an algorithm? In essence, algorithms are simply a series of instructions that are followed, step by step, to do something useful or solve a problem. 

What makes a good algorithm? 1. Correctness: the algorithm performs the task without error 2. Efficiency: the algorithm uses as little time and/or as little space as necessary, but there is almost always a trade-off between time and space 3. Comprehensibility: the algorithm can be understood (which helps with human efficiency)

Suggested Video - TED-Ed

Further reading and articles

Interesting discussion link: