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Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage ("the father of the computer") is one of the most interesting individuals linked to the invention of the computer. Take this quiz to find out more about this fascinating man, his life, his mission and other things that just aren't on a computing syllabus. If you're interested, why not click here to find out more.

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By M. Salmon - Public Domain,

Interesting (little known) facts

>> Babbage will be remembered as the father of modern computing, but he should also be remembered as a committed Christian.

>> He was the author of many published works on mathematical and scientific topics. In 1837, he also wrote one of the Bridgewater Treatises. These were papers On the Power, Wisdom, and Goodness of God, as Manifested in the Creation, published by the Royal Society with money provided by the Earl of Bridgewater.

>> Just after his marriage, Babbage decided to become a minister. He applied for several vacancies in the Church but was never obtained a position. 

>> Babbage was a prolific inventor. He invented the speedometer, the cowcatcher used on the front of locomotives, and an early ophthalmoscope.

>> Charles Babbage died in London on October 18, 1871, aged 79. At death, Babbage drew great comfort from his religious beliefs, particularly the assurance which Christians have of a life beyond the grave

Source: Wikipedia

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