12 - Past Paper Simulation -W and WI Networks (I)

 1. Rhianna's thriving beauty company uses a Local Area Network (LAN) linked to a Wide Area Network (WAN). Define what is meant by a Wide Area Network. (1 mark)

 2. Jaziah is out in London with his mobile phone. He can be tracked by MAC address if his WIFI is enabled by the various WIFI enabled locations (E.g. garbage cans) Describe two differences between IP addresses and MAC addresses. (2 marks)

 3. Describe what is meant by a LAN?(2 marks)

 4. Engineer Tom uses a LAN to connect all the computers in its head office. State two ways the local area network can be used to monitor the work of employees. (2 marks)

 5. Devon really wants to understand the difference between a WAN and a LAN. Can you explain two differences? (2 marks)

 6. Read the excerpt below. Describe two benefits to OCR Supermarkets of using a client-server network instead of a peer-to-peer network.(4 marks)
Gideon's stores, has supermarket stores 
throughout the country. The computers for 
each store connect to the central office 
using a Wide Area Network (WAN). This 
company uses a client-server network to 
connect the checkout computers to the store's

 7. A leafy village school in rural England has all of its computers in a LAN. Explain two measures which the school will need to take to ensure the security of the network (2 marks)

 8. Cloud technology is becoming very popular and Charles has a software company that is considering it. Explain two advantages of the company storing their data in the cloud (2 marks)

 9. Cloud storage isn't perfect! Explain two disadvantages to the law firm of storing their data in the cloud.(2 marks)

 10. Consultant Shaushania is advising tech entrepeneur Olamide on the hardware that will be required on each stand-alone PC in her home in order to connect it to a LAN via cables. Name the main bit of hardware required. (1 mark)

 11. Name two other types of hardware that would be required for setting up a LAN that is required to connect to a WAN (the Internet) (2 marks)

 12. Independent wireless consultant Zoe has come in to advise Adaam's cafe on measures that the wireless access point could use to improve network security. Name two measures that she was likely to have suggested. (2 marks)

 13. Read the following excerpt and decide what it is talking about? (1 mark)
The _______________________ is the phonebook
 of the Internet. Humans access information 
online through domain names, like
or Web browsers interact through 
Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. 

_______ translates domain names to IP addresses 
so browsers can load Internet resources.

 14. Reuben is creating a website to promote a worthy Christian cause. He will need to put it online. What does the following excerpt refer to? (1 mark)
____________ is the activity or business of providing storage space and access for websites online. Users can purchase web space and put their website online via a particular __________ plan. 

 15. A ________________ is very real, as actual data moves between computers, but it is a smaller part of a LAN or WAN in which only specific machines can see each other.
They share the same network hardware and cabling
 but the student machines cannot access anything
 on the red computers or vice versa.

This makes it much easier to maintain the network
 and it is also very flexible - machines can be 
removed or added to the _________________ without 
having to re-wire them.

__________________ can be set up across both LANs
and WANs