05 - Working with Forms

 1. A form is a database object that you can use to ________________________________________________.

  save and store records without going through or via a database table at all

  query or create reports with

  create tables with in a report-type manner

  enter, edit or display data from a table or query

 2. Which of the following are benefits of using forms when creating a database?
1. Makes a database more user-friendly for ordinary (non technical) users. 

2. A good form can be visually appealing and make working with the database
more pleasant as well as more efficient

3. Data can be entered directly into a table, but the larger the database and table,
the harder it would be to ensure the right data is entered into the right field and record.
An effective form lays things out in just the right manner so that information is both
easy to find and data entry is also helped into being more accurate.

  2 Only

  1 Only

  1, 2 and 3 (all options)

  2 and 3 only

 3. Sections of a form can be resized. Refer to the image shown and fill in the blanks.





 4. Referring to the image below, what do you do with the fields on the right?

  Drag the desired fields from the Field List onto the form on the left

  Drag the desired fields into the icon (at the top) which says 'Form'. The field list can then be deleted.

  Delete all the fields so that the form is empty on start-up

  Drag the desired fields into the right order on the right and then left cilck and 'delete'

 5. ________ are an important part of forms - they are the objects that display data, perform actions, and let you work with information.
_______ provide tools and functionality that make forms user-friendly and easy to use. 





 6. The highlighted icon allows the user to add a label (for a title or header) onto the form.



 7. The Access Form ______is a useful, rapid form development tool, speeding you through the process, providing you with presets for columns, rows, table sizes, styles and themes.





 8. The ______________ is a useful sidebar, found in the Form Layout Tools tab: It contains useful information about your Form and you can use it to quickly edit, modify and toggle numerous options.

  form toolbuilder

  form wizard

  data inbox

  properties sheet

 9. A well designed form can aide efficiency and improve data entry accuracy,



 10. Access allows you to hide individual field entries. Select the field you want to hide. When you select the field, the properties sheet should update and you’ll be able to _____________ through a drop-down box.

  duplicate the field in question

  toggle field deletion

  delete the field in question

  toggle field visibility