02 -Excel basics rows columns cells

 1. A spreadsheet is made up of rows and columns and each of the little squares/boxes on the page is called a ____.





 2. The entity highlighted in yellow is called a _____________.
In the following test, please refer to this
image. Take note of the colours, the letters
A, B, and C as well as the arrows labelled
1,2 and 3. 





 3. The tool bar at the top which contains all the various options for formatting and creating formulas is also called the:





 4. The three lines that are highlighted in green are called:





 5. In excel, each cell has a name. The official term for the cell name is the:

  cell reference number

  column number

  cell telephone number

  box number

 6. What is the 'name' of the cell labelled 'A'?





 7. What is the 'name' of the cell labelled 'C'?





 8. If a user clicked on a cell and then clicked on arrow 1, what would happen?

  It would open the 'border' formatting tool, allowing for selection of border lines to cells

  It would delete the cell

  It would split the cell into four parts

  It would draw a black line through the centre of the cell

 9. If a user clicked on cell B and then clicked on arrow 2, what would happen?

  The 'B' in the cell would have a line going through it (strike through line)

  The 'B' in the cell would be left aligned (moved to the left of the cell)

  The text in the cell (the letter B) would be changed to five lines

  The cell would be deleted

 10. If a user wanted to delete the column that is highlighted (see arrow 3), what what they need to do next?

  It is not possible to delete a column in excel

  They would double cilck and the column would delete itself

  They would press 'D' on the keyboard to delete the column

  After highlighting the column, they would right click and the delete column option would appear