01 - Introduction to Spreadsheets

 1. A spreadsheet is a piece of ________ for handling and manipulating numbers.





 2. Spreadsheets are used to store information and data. Once we have our information in a spreadsheet we can run powerful calculations, make graphs and charts and analyse patterns



 3. The best part about a spreadsheet is - you don't have to do any __________________! The programme will make the process of adding automatic.

  entering in of numbers



  adding up yourself

 4. The only thing (and the main thing) that a spreadsheet can do is add up several numbers.



 5. Which of the following options on the list can a spreadsheet do?
handle financial calculations, 
model statistical information, 
do complex trigonometry. 
make pretty graphs

  No 2 only

  No 1 only

  All of the listed items are valid

  No 1 and 4

 6. You could think of a spreadsheet, at its heart, as a glorified _______________.



  remote control


 7. A household budget (as shown below) could be added up manually, but a spreadsheet allows you to use __________ which automate the process.
Monthly Income: £1000

Travel: 100
Electricity: 100
Phone: 50
Food: 350
Mortgage/Rent: 900
Car: 130

Total: £______
Leftover: £______





 8. Microsoft Excel is not the only spreadsheet software. There is also google sheets, OpenOffice (free) and Lotus 1-2-3.



 9. A spreadsheet file is made up of one workbook and multiple _________. __________ appear as tabs at the bottom of a workbook. They can be reordered and renamed.





 10. Google docs is an example of spreadsheet software that ___________________________.

  does not actually work

  runs in the browser

  can only work offline

  is much more powerful than any other type of spreadsheet