01 - Ways of communicating online

 1. Being able to send messages and talk to other people is an important part of modern life.



 2. All of the items on the list below are ways of communicating online. (True or False?)
E-mail (Electronic Mail)
Instant Messaging (snapchat,whatsapp)
Email Newsletter
Social Media posts
Video calling
Chat Room



 3. Email can be thought of as one of the digital ways of sending _______.




  physical packages

 4. Which of the following allows users to video call or video conference over the internet?

  Microsoft Word


  Windows Explorer


 5. Social Media platforms like ________________ are also a way for people to communicate and network online.

  facebook, twitter and instagram

  whatsapp, snapchat and government websites

  Sky TV, Virgin TV and sattelite television programs

  BBC news, CNN news and FOX news

 6. Another way of communicating online is through a ________. This is an area on the Internet, typically communicated to a particular topic, where members can communicate and share their interests with others.

  chat room

  dining room

  hotel room

  physical lounge

 7. A forum is a type of website that allow members to post questions, start a discussion or contribute to various discussions. An example of a forum type website is:
*You may need to research this if you are not familiar with the term.

  google search


  snapchat or whatsapp

  Microsoft Office

 8. No work place today would allow video conferencing or communicating online to get work objectives done. All work (in companies) must be done face to face.



 9. Some employees in certain companies are allowed to work from home, as the internet has made it possible to easily communicate with employees at home, from the office.



 10. In a gaming chatroom, people are always honest and truthful about who they say they are. You can always trust people communicating online.