01 - What are search engines?

 1. The world wide web is a big place. If you know the web address, or ____, of a site you can find it by typing it into the address bar along the top of your browser.





 2. You can aslo find pages by following links from other pages but usually it is easier to search for things using a ___________.

  search engine


  yahoo inventor

  game engine

 3. Search engines are programs that are designed to search the internet and scour through billions of web pages for us.



 4. Search engines are programs that search an index of the world wide web for __________ and display the results in order.




  chinese words

 5. Search engines scour through all the billions of webpages, looking for information that _________________. This can take seconds!

  matches what you are seeking.

  is not relevant.

  is invisible.

  is classified (only available to the government)

 6. It is useful to think about the words that you use in your search. Too few and you will get too many results, too many and you may ____________.

  get all the results that exist on the www.

  cause the internet to explode.

  get no results at all!

  get a fine from the police.

 7. When you want to find the answer to a question, such as, ?What countries have nuclear weapons?? You need to think about the important __________.





 8. When you use a search engine to find information, you type in a search term which consists of one or more keywords that are _______ to the information you seek


  not specific



 9. One example of a search engine is:


  A keyboard

  Apple Mac server

  Internet Explorer

 10. Larry and Sergey began working on BackRub, a search engine which utlized backlinks for search. This was the start of what we now know as _________.



  a web browser

  the internet