01 -Uses of technology in society

 1. ICT has changed our lives greatly in recent years. We can communicate, bank, date and even shop online but we need to be aware of potential risks with computers.



 2. In the past, you had to go into a bank to deal with your money but now most banks have ____________ facilities.

  cold as well as hot

  very poor

  internet banking


 3. These days people tend to read news on the internet instead of buying a _______________________.

  cd or usb stick

  online camera

  windows computer

  newspaper or magazine

 4. Computers have changed how we deal with music. People tend to _____________ music and films from the internet instead of buying CDs or DVDs

  delete or edit

  love or hate

  make or create

  download or stream

 5. Buinesses rarely produce written letters or reports or use typewriters any more. Instead people tend to send ______________.

  coloured leaves

  painted telegrams

  thoughts and prayers

  emails or instant messages using online platforms

 6. What is the following paragraph describing?
It?s easier now than ever to share books, magazines, music and movies with family, friends or complete strangers. This breaks copyright law because you do not have the copyright owner?s permission to share it and those you?re sharing it with did not pay for it. This is ______.

  online sharing

  internet love



 7. Instead of local small shops, we now have online stores in which we can buy almost anything. An example is: __________.

  HSBC Bank




 8. ICT can benefit the environment, for example it has given people the option to work from home, reducing the need to __________________.

  meet friends

  travel into work

  use the internet

  use a phone

 9. Disposing of old equipment is a particular problem. One of the answers is ________ and the law states that companies must recycle their old equipment.





 10. Decide whether the following statement is true or false. Is it useful advice?
Working at a computer for long periods of time carries certain health risks. Taking frequent screen breaks and exercising your eyes are advisable for anyone who works on computers all day.