04 - Scratch IF statements

 1. Why won't this code continuously move the sprite when clicking the directional arrows?

  The "move 1 steps" commands need to be inside a "forever" block

  The "if" statements need to be inside a "forever" block

  The "point in directions" values need to change

  Need a 2nd "point in direction" block after "move 1 step"

 2. In programming, an if statement allows you to perform a certain action based on a certain __________________

  variable number

  None of the above

  character name


 3. Repeating a statement more than once is called a


  variable statement



 4. There is an if statement in this block of code. Select which statement from the following options is correct.

  move 5 steps' is the condition. Only if this is 'met' will the program continue

  point in direction' is the condition. If the direction is right, then proceed

  None of the above

  touching paddle' is the condition. If the sprite touches the paddle, then proceed

 5. Analyse the block of code below. What will it do?

  the sprite will stand still and turn orange

  the sprite will only move when it is touching the colour orange

  the sprite will continue moving until the sprite touches orange

  The sprite will move forever

 6. These two commands in programming are also referred to as:

  variable setting




 7. What will make the Sprite move 10 steps to the right?

  If it is touching the Edge of the screen

  If it is touching the colour pink

  If it touching the mouse

  If it is touching the colour Yellow

 8. What would the Sprite say if the 'Test' variable is set to 10?

  I like Chocolate

  None of the above

  My name is Bob


 9. Move forward __steps; go to x: ___ y: ___; and change x by ___ are all examples of this kind of block





 10. If my grade is less than 50, then I am failing this unit. This is an example of what kind of conditional statement?

  None of the above

  if statement (conditional logic)

  true/false statement

  iteration (while logic)