02 - Scratch Programming Concepts

 1. Scratch is a beginner's visual (drag drop) programming tool that allows you to create interesting things including games.



 2. Coloured blocks of instructions are joined together to create programs. These are called:





 3. Blocks (scripts) tell the characters on the screen what to do. Characters are called:





 4. What is the definition of a variable?

  Something (e.g. a value like a name or number) that is stored by the computer but the value changes.

  Something used by the character only

  Something that is not stored but the value changes

  Something that cannot be changed

 5. What is an IF Statement?

  inputting raw data into a computer

  something that can be stored but changed

  a decision made by a computer to chose an outcome

  an outcome produced by the computer

 6. What is a loop?

  A loop is when end the program unexpectedly

  A loop is the same thing as a variable

  A loop is when you identify an error in your code and fix it

  A loop allows a program or block of code to run continuously until told otherwise.

 7. What is an algorithm? (can you write algorithms in scratch?)

  None of the above

  An algorithm is a complex piece of code that cannot be written or implemented in scratch

  An algorithm is just a sequence of instructions telling the computer what to do!

  An algorithm is basically an if statement inside a variable.

 8. Algorithms are:

  Only used in Maths

  Only used in Computer Science

  All around us - we use them all the time without realising it!

  Only used in the creation of robots or sprite movement

 9. An example of an algorithm is:

  None of the above

  An object that can be moved such as a sprite

  The steps involved in the process of 'making a cake'


 10. The three programming constructs are:

  Sequence, Collision Detection and Variable creation

  None of the above

  Selection (if statements), Iteration (loops) and Sequence (series of steps)

  Statements (series of steps), spritation (creating sprites) and variableation (making variables)

 11. Several statements joined together in an order is called:

  None of the above




 12. When programming it is important to 'decompose' this means to:

  None of the above

  break problems into small parts, and solve each part

  delete problems and try to start without them

  break problems into bigger problems

 13. Selection is the use of if statements to make a __________________

  help menu

  decision which produces a specific output depending on the input


  sprite sequence

 14. Repeating a sequence or a statement more than once until a condition is met is called:

  selection (if statements)

  iteration (loop)

  sequence (series of statements)

  maintenance (maintaining the program)

 15. A statement which can either be true or false is known as a..?