02 - Hardware and Software

 1. An operating system and a device driver are types of device hardware.



 2. Peripheral Devices are hardware devices but are ______________________________.They are typically connected by cables (USB, network, firewire etc.) or wirelessly (Bluetooth, wireless network links etc.).

  internal to the main body of the computer

  inside the CPU

  outside the CPU and ajdacent to the RAM

  external to the main body of the computer.

 3. The Operating System (OS) of a computer is a set of hardware devices that control the way the user controls the computer and access application software. The OS also controls the way application software accesses computer hardware such as input and output



 4. Operating systems are system's _______________ and examples include: Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7, Mac OS X, LINUX and UNIX are all examples of operating systems used on computers.

  communication devices



  CPU devices

 5. CPUs need instructions to tell it what to do. These instructions are collected together to form a computer program. Fill in the blanks
_____________ is a computer program that 
contains the set of instructions needed
by the CPU in order to perform a specific 



  CPU matrix


 6. What are the two main types of software?

  Hardware and Cloud

  Application Software and Systems Software

  Systems and Softedge

  Cloud and Processable

 7. How would you define Systems software? Read the text on the image below to help you select your answer.

  Programs that communicate directly with the CPU and RAM

  Any cloud based software that is system-specific (for example cloud storage dealing with a particular location)

  Hardware chips that relate directly to systems hardware and operation of the CPU

  Programs that manage the operation of the computer (for example how to boot up the system when you switch it on)

 8. What is 'bespoke' software? (consider that it is different from 'general purpose' software)

  Bespoke software refers to even more generalised software that can be used by absolutely anyone in the world

  Bespoke software refers to specific and tailor made software for a particular company, e.g. accounting software made especially for an organisation

  Bespoke software refers to systems software that is essentially an operating system in disguise

  Bespoke software refers to the type of software that can have multiple uses and is 'audio' in nature (spoken word commands)

 9. A printer driver (see excerpt below) is an example of:
In computers, a printer driver or a print 
processor is a piece of software that 
converts the data to be printed to the form 
specific to a printer. 

The purpose of printer drivers is to allow 
applications to do printing without being 
aware of the technical details of each
printer model.

  Cloud Storage instructions

  Application software

  Bespoke application Software

  Systems software

 10. Computing hardware is an essential component in any computer system. How would you define hardware?

  Hardware refers to the computer system as a whole

  Hardware refers to any component including software that is part of a physical computer

  Hardware refers to any part of a computer that is 'hard'. RAM and monitors would not count as they are not as durable as copper

  Hardware refers to any component that has a physical presence and can therefore be touched

 11. PSU stands for Power Supply Unit and it is essential to powering up any PC.



 12. What is the 'box' that all the components of a computer system fits into?

  Binary Box

  Box unit

  None of the above

  Base Unit (case)

 13. What are the names of the two components that help keep the CPU cool?

  None of the above

  Heatsink and Fan

  CPU and Cooling Cod

  Cod and Modulus AC

 14. The purpose of the 'motherboard' is to hold all the hardware components together and allow them to communicate.



 15. There are two types of cable that are used to attach internal components like optical drives and hard drives to the motherboard. They are the USB and SERIAL cables.
Do research and look this up if you are not sure.