01 - Introducing Python

 1. Python is …
A talk about the modern era of Python

  All of the above

  An operating system used by programmers

  A high level programming language

  A low level programming language

 2. Python was invented by:

  Steve Jobs

  Mark Zuckerberg

  Guido van Rossum

  Bil Gates

 3. Python is a language that is rapidly growing in popularity and is used by companies like:


  All of the above



 4. The application and uses of Python include:

  High end application development

  All of the above

  Game development

  Web development (using Django or Flask)

 5. Python is a language that has incredibly complex syntax which is why it is used by only a select few genius level individuals



 6. Python was conceived in the late …





 7. The creator of Python was looking for a "hobby" programming project that would keep him occupied during the week around Christmas.
…and that is how Python came into existence!



 8. Python is incredibly popular but is not free for anyone to use. It must be purchased at a hefty price.



 9. One of the core philosophies of the Python language is:

  Explicit is better than implicit

  All of the above

  Beautiful is better than ugly

  Simple is better than complex

 10. Python was named after:

  The jungle book snake

  The creator's mother in law's pet snake

  Monty Python's flying circus

  A scandanavian Island with the same name