06 - Server and Client Side Processing

 1. Client-side means that the action takes place on the user’s (the client’s) computer. Server-side means that the action takes place on a __________
Note: by 'action' we mean ….all the work that a programming langauge does. 

  CPU or Hard drive

  web server


  search engine

 2. The browser sends a request to the web server for the code that make up the page you want to view. Since the browser is making the request in this case, it is the _________


  data processor



 3. Client side processing means that the web page gets the client - your computer - to do the validation and other processing itself, rather than the server.



 4. Read the following list - it is detailing the _____________________________
Web traffic is reduced and so less bandwidth is used.
Reduces the load on the server as it does not have to do the processing.
Helps ensure that data sent to the server passes validation rules.
Interactive widgets, such as a pop-up calendar assists the visitor to enter data correctly.
No delays in processing local data.

  advantages of client side processing

  disadvantages of client side processing

  advantages of server side processing

  disadvantages of server side processing

 5. So if you decide to use JavaScript as a client side language, there are some issues (potential disadvantages) to be aware of. Which of the following is a valid issue/disadvantage
The browser must support Javascript (note that most browsers will do so)

Javascript has to be enabled in order to run (some users and admins turn it off).

Page loading is slower as the Javascript script has to be loaded by the browser.

Search engines will find it difficult to index a JavaScript-heavy page, as much 
of the content is created as the page loads.

It needs technical skills to write JavaScript code from scratch, although there are plenty of 
JavaScript libraries such as JQuery available that reduce this burden.

  They are all valid issues/potential disadvantages in this case

  None of the items on the list are issues or potential disadvantages

  Only the last one in this list is a potential issue

  Only the first one is a potential issue

 6. Several sites keep data in "back-end" databases on the server. This might include lists of users, or stock items for a shop, for example



 7. The client needs data from the database, that request will have to be processed by the server itself. This is called "client-side processing" as the client needs the data.



 8. You may often come across a web address which looks something like this (see excerpt) Which statement best describes what the question mark is?

  This is referring to either python or ruby data. Everything after the ? Is in one of these languages

  This is client side processing data. Everything after the ? will be rendered in the browser

  This is GET data. Everything after the ? is the GET data and will need to be processed

  This is POST data. Everything after the ? Is POST data and needs processing

 9. Another type of server-side processing is for "_______" data, which shows up in page headers





 10. Which of the following is NOT a server side technology/language?
There are many server side processing technologies. These include

PHP - a free open-source processing language
Java - used extensively by banks and so on to process data
JavaScript (which can now also be used on the server side)

  All of them (including JavaScript) are valid server side processing technologies

  None of the listed items are valid

  Python can never be used as a server side processing technology

  JavaScript is only used at the front end (client-side)

 11. "Client browsers do not need to have Javascript enabled" - this could be an advantage of server side processing.



 12. Server side processing/scripting is always considered less secure as the processing code is sent directly to the client.



 13. For handling something like login scripts, it would be better to use _____________ for greater privacy.

  client side processing

  server side processing

  HTML only

  POST requests only

 14. One of the issues of server side processing is that the user has to __________________________, although a technology called Ajax reduces this need

  update the page to see returned data

  upgrade to a special server-enabled browser to see returned data

  use only Google Chrome (and NOT IE or Firefox) to see returned data

  delete the client side programming to see returned data

 15. Using a database means regular backups and maintenance must be done on the server compared to a simple static page site