05 - SSID

 1. SSID stands for …

  Static Simplified Index Director

  Signal Setting Indicator

  Service Set Identifier

  Secret Signal Imitator

 2. SSID is a locally unique identifier for a wireless network.



 3. The SSID is often popularly called the network ____.





 4. The SSID is broadcast by a _____ _____ _____ in beacon packets to announce the presence of a network.

  physical network interface

  wireless access point

  media access control

  network interface controller

 5. The length of an SSID can be between 0 and 32 bytes.



 6. Letters in the SSID are case _______.

  ad hoc




 7. Routers are usually supplied with a ____ SSID but this can be amended using the admin console.





 8. ______ devices such as phones and laptops look for networks broadcasting their SSIDs.





 9. ______ SSID broadcast means the SSID of the network will not be visible.





 10. It is possible to assign more than one SSID to a wireless access point (WAP). This means multiple networks with potentially different rules can use one WAP.