02 - Intermediate languages (bytecode)

 1. A program in machine code can run on any computer.



 2. Different CPUs (e.g. Intel, Apple and ARM) require specific compilers.



 3. A virtual machine gets around the problem of different platforms by …

  converting intermediate language into specific machine code

  being networked to other computers

  converting any high level language into machine code

  transferring data from RAM to the hard drive

 4. The intermediate language that can be run on a virtual machine is known as …





 5. What does this language look like?

  binary numbers (1s an 0s)


  easily understandable English words

  numeric codes, constants and references

 6. The intermediate instructions can be run on any platform that supports the virtual machine.



 7. Write once, run anywhere' was a slogan associated with which programming language?





 8. Which of the following are designed to make use of intermediate language?
3.Adobe Flash

  1, 2 and 4

  2 and 3

  1, 2 and 3


 9. What is a JIT compiler?





 10. What program can be used to run Python on the Java virtual machine?