06 - Interupts and ISR in the FDE

 1. Pausing processes is essential for multi-tasking.



 2. Polling is sometimes also known as …

  polled I/O

  polled I/T

  polled O/S

  polled P/O

 3. Polling means the active sampling of the status of an ______ ______ by a client program.

  aggrevated user

  external device

  active program

  integral component

 4. What is a disadvantage of polling?

  Implementation is very complex

  It can cause memory problems

  Continual checks are an inefficient use of the CPU

  It can only be used on RISC computers

 5. An interrupt is a signal to the _____ from hardware or software indicating an event that needs immediate attention.





 6. The interrupt will typically have a _____ label that tells the CPU to either stop or continue the current process.





 7. The interrupt will cause the CPU to run an ISR. What does this stand for?

  Inter Service Register

  Interrupt Service Routine

  Integral Server Route

  Immediate Subroutine Resistor

 8. The CPU checks the interrupt _____ after each Fetch-Decode-Execute (FDE) cycle.





 9. Moving from another process to an ISR is known as …

  context switching

  practical exchanging

  interrupt transferral

  polling shift

 10. Too many interrupts can cause …

  disk thrashing

  stack overflow

  memory overload