04 - Memory Management (Paging, Segmentation, VM)

 1. Memory management is a crucial aspect of an operating system (OS).



 2. A program loaded into RAM is called a ______ .





 3. The OS allocates _____ of memory for programs loaded into RAM. These are further divided into different sections.





 4. The call stack is a buffer that stores information about …

  active subroutines

  IP addresses

  browser caches

  virtual memory locations

 5. What happens if the call stack runs out of memory?

  data flowdown

  disk defragmentation

  stack overflow

  memory leakage

 6. If the data in RAM was overwritten by a different program, the existing program would become …





 7. Paging is used in _____ memory systems to store and retrieve data from secondary storage.





 8. Where is the number of each page allocated by the OS stored?

  In a memory catalogue

  In a page table

  In a vitrual register

  In an archived array

 9. Looking at the complaint below, what is the most likely problem?
"The application has stopped responding but the disk drive light keeps flashing on and off." 

  Data loss

  Runtime error

  Disk thrashing

  Resource error

 10. A memory leak happens when a program incorrectly manages memory allocation so that memory no longer needed is not released.