03 - Types of Operating Systems

 1. A distributed operating system (OS) takes advantage of _____ processing.





 2. A distributed OS will co-ordinate multiple independent computational nodes.



 3. The operating system in a TV set-top box is an _____ OS.





 4. Microsoft Windows is an example of a multi-tasking OS.



 5. A multi-tasking OS can load mutliple programs into the ___ _____.

  CPU core

  hard disk

  main memory

  heat sink

 6. The multi-tasking OS can ____ each program so the CPU can execute segments of multiple tasks.





 7. Which of these is more likely to have a multi-user OS?

  A smartphone

  A supercomputer

  A games console

  A desktop computer

 8. One multi-user OS can control mutiple terminals.



 9. What does RTOS mean?

  Real time operating system

  Reverse turn operating system

  Radial terminal operating system

  Repeat task operating system

 10. An RTOS has ____ time constraints.