07 - Stored Program Concept

 1. The stored program concept originated in the:





 2. What is computer memory?

  data remembered by the human user

  an index of files

  stored data for immediate use

  a song from a musical

 3. Computer memory today normally uses:

  random access memory

  mechanical counters

  delay line memory


 4. In the stored program concept, what two things are stored in computer memory?

  headers and footers

  code and metacode

  instructions and data

  primary and secondary memory

 5. Instructions can be read and written to the memory by the processor.



 6. The processor can execute instructions but it cannot read and write data in the memory.



 7. Instructions in the memory are:

  in Javascript

  in algebra

  in imaginary numbers

  in machine code

 8. What is the bus?

  the system that transfers data between components of a computer

  the primary memory

  a form of public transport

  the processing unit of the computer

 9. How are instructions fetched?

  ambivalently (in no order)

  concurrent (at the same time)

  retroactively (in reverse order)

  serially (one after the other)

 10. What is one benefit of stored program architecture?

  more memory is available to process instructions

  faster access to data

  power consumption is reduced

  programs can be changed easily to perform different tasks