11 - Cracking and Hacking

 1. Cracking means to gain unauthorised access to a computer in order to commit another crime such as destroying information contained in that system.



 2. Whether the term 'hacking' had an originally positive or negative meaning is disputed.



 3. In most countries, security hacking and cracking without permission are …


  criminal offences

  civil matters rather than criminal officences

  a smart way to show how clever you are

 4. Cracking can also mean breaking into software to disable features such as copy protection.



 5. Which of these is a way to reduce the risk of cracking?

  Shortening your password

  Avoiding common passwords

  Using an open wifi network

  Opening unknown email attachments

 6. What is DEF CON?

  A large hacker convention

  A hacker band

  A group of retired hackers

  A military hacker group

 7. An SQL injection is an example of …

  A hacker website

  A security exploit

  A quicker way of writing SQL

  A type of database error

 8. Which movie contains one of the first references to hacking in film and TV?

  Tron (1983)

  Blade Runner (1982)

  Return of the Jedi (1983)

  Back to the Future (1985)

 9. How did the 414 group of hackers gain access to computers in the early 1980s?

  By special algorithms

  By using common or default passwords

  By brute force methods

  By stealing passwords

 10. The programmer of the Morris Worm in 1988 was the first person …

  to create malware

  to be arrested but found not guilty of a crime under the US Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

  to create a computer virus

  to be convicted of a crime under the US Computer Fraud and Abuse Act