05 - Flash Memory

 1. Fill in the blanks.
Flash memory (note: NOT the flash drive) was invented in 1980 in_____________.


  The US



 2. Which company invented the USB Flash drive?




  Micron Technology

 3. Flash memory is used in which of the following devices?

  Memory cards

  Floppy disks

  Virtual memory


 4. Flash memory is a type of permanent storage that is very convenient if you need to backup files or as a type of portable storage.



 5. Hard disk drives store data magnetically while CDs, DVDs and Flash memory are examples of optical media.



 6. Flash memory gets its name from the fact that a whole block of data can be erased in a flash.



 7. Fill in the blanks.
Flash memory is a(n)_____________ and _______________ computer storage medium that can be electrically erased and reprogrammed.

  solid-state, volatile

  electromechanical, volatile

  electromechanical, non-volatile

  solid-state, non-volatile

 8. The two main types of flash memory are named after the NAND and NOR logic gates.



 9. Which of these is NOT a flash memory storage medium?


  USB Flash Drive

  A memory card


 10. Where does NAND flash memory derive its name from?

  The way the memory cells are organized

  None of the mentioned

  The way board is designed

  The way the USB connector is connected to the chip

 11. What are the two gates in the NAND flash drive?

  Control gate, Floating gate

  Floating gate, Spinning gate

  Power gate, Control gate

  Spinning gate, Control gate

 12. Our data is stored on the Control Gate.



 13. Flash memory is said to be solid state storage device because, unlike disk and CD drives, there are no moving parts.



 14. A hard disk drive is quieter, more portable and has a quicker access time than a flash memory device.



 15. Flash memory devices are cheaper and usually have a far higher capacity than traditional hard drives.



 16. Flash memory will lose the stored data if it is not connected to a power source.



 17. Fill in the blanks.
In Flash memory storage devices, data________________.

  can be erased magnetically

  cannot be erased

  can be erased electrically

  can be erased physically

 18. Fill in the blanks.
NOR type flash allows ____________ to be read or written independently.

  one machine cycle

  one machine sentence

  one machine word

  one bit

 19. NAND type flash memories are used in:

  solid state drivers

  USB Flash drive

  all of the mentioned

  memory card

 20. The disadvantage of flash memory is that it has finite number of program-erase cycles. This limits the usage of flash memory.