08 - Preventing vulnerabilities

 1. The following list are methods that ?

  would help prevent cyber security attacks if used correctly

  would facilitate attacks and weaken a system or network

  are developed by hackers to attack a system

  are developed by programmers to test a system

 2. Penetration testing can be carried out by people who simulate an attack on a system to expose?





 3. A common form of biometric security scanning used in school canteens and mobile phones is:

  the use of CAPTCHAs

  Automatic software updates

  fingerprint scanners

  telephone virus installations

 4. One of the worst things you can do in terms of keeping passwords secure is to:

  store numerical passwords which are encrypted on a system

  store encrypted passwords on a system

  None of the above

  store plain text passwords on a system

 5. A longer password is always better in terms of a hacker being able to brute force hack it.



 6. Email confirmations are used to ensure that the person who has just signed up to a website is using a valid email address



 7. CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans apart



 8. CAPTCHAs exist to allow bots (automated non human robots) to automatically sign up to websites



 9. CAPTCHAs usually involve

  text that is large enough to be identified

  distorted text that only humans, but not computers can recognise

  text that is in another language (e.g. Arabic or Hebrew) that a comptuer cannot understand but a human may!

  typed text - usually in Arial font - so that it can be easily recognised

 10. Penetration testing can be very expensive but automated software updates ?

  can only be carried out by the government

  are also expensive and usually do not fix any vulnerabilities

  can be turned on free and it usually fixes known vulnerabilities automatically

  None of the above

 11. With emails it is a good idea to get a suitable spam filter but it is not necessary to check attachments and their source before downloading



 12. _______measures can be used to lock down a device to a certain or specific person using _________ info specific to them





 13. In modern society it is perfectly fine and completely safe to just use passwords as a security measure.



 14. This is a type of attack where a small piece of code attacks a system and then demands payment( cryptocurrency, or digital money) for the release of the network.





 15. If all else fails, one important thing to remember to do in case your system/website is targeted and destroyed by hackers is to:

  always email yourself a copy of your password

  always tell at least five other close friends your password and login details

  always use a dry wipe for the screen monitor

  always make a backup