06 - Final Test

 1. Storage media is the physical object used to actually store the data.
Note: Some storage devices come with removable media. 



 2. A DVD writer is a storage device where as the DVD itself is an example of storage media.



 3. Magnetic storage uses magnetic particles or 'domains' to store data. The direction of these particles represent _____________
The direction of the magnetic particles can be altered using a magnetic read/write head

  1s and 0s which form binary data.

  ASCII characters


  Hard disk drive drivers

 4. A hard disk drive is an example of:

  BIOS storage

  solid state storage

  magnetic storage

  optical storage

 5. One of the disadvantages of magnetic storage is that data can be lost near strong magnetic fields such as being too near a Hi-Fi speaker



 6. Which of the following retains its data even after the computer is switched off?





 7. The hard disk is a computer's main internal backing store.



 8. The size of a hard disk is best measured in bytes



 9. A hard disk is a type of magnetic media



 10. A CD-ROM is an example of zip solid state storage device



 11. DVD stands for 'Digital Versatile Disc' as they are able to store a variety of data formats, though they are most commonly used for storing video.



 12. A ______________would be the most suitable device to transport a file from home to school

  70 TB Hard drive

  USB stick


  RAM stick

 13. Floppy disk, CD-ROM, DVD is the correct order of storage size, starting with the smallest.



 14. Cloud storage is a service provided where your data is stored and managed and backed up ……

  remotely by a specialist data centre.

  on your PCs RAM stick (which is cloud like in shape)

  on your home computer's hard drive

  on your mobile phone's internal hard drive

 15. The data servers at the cloud data centre uses thousands of secondary storage devices such as hard disks and solid state drives to retain the data



 16. A secondary storage device is the _______________ that carries out the storage action

  physical hardware


  peripheral attached directly to the CPU

  physical cache

 17. When selecting an appropriate storage media device which of the following factors would you take into consideration:

  All of the above are valid factors that a user must consider when selecting a suitable storage media

  Reliability and Cost

  Portability and Durability

  Capacity and Speed

 18. Optical discs are more portable than hard disks
They are also immune to magnetic fields



 19. The following excerpt is a disadvantage of ______________
The network connection has to be very reliable - if the connection is slow or unreliable you might not be able to access your files

  the use of CD-ROMs

  the use of a solid state drive

  cloud storage

  hard disk drive purchase

 20. If you are using ____________you will need to remember a login and user name in order to access your data remotely

  cloud storage

  hard disk drive storage

  solid state drive storage

  optical drive storage

 21. This type of storage is less durable than a hard disk as it has a limited number of erase \ write cycles - maybe a 100,000 cycles before it wears out.

  cloud storage

  optical drive storage

  solid state drive storage

  hard disk drive storage

 22. ______________are silent unlike hard disks

  hard disk drive storage

  cloud storage

  solid state drive storage

  optical drive storage

 23. You have a smart phone with 6GB of storage. You want to store music and photos on the phone. A typical mp3 encoded music file takes up 4MB. How many tracks can be stored on the phone?

  Both of the above are valid answers

  6000 MB/4 MB = 1,500 music files

  None of the above

  3000MB/10MB = 30 music files

 24. Imagine that a typical photo taken by a phone will be around 2MB. Convert GB into MB so you are using the same quantity. 6GB = 6000MB. How many photos can be stored?

  5000 photos

  2000 photos

  3000 photos

  4000 photos

 25. Magnetic tape is the lowest cost per Gigbayte, so a few cheap cartriges can easily store 10TB.



 26. Another disadvantage of the use of magnetic storage is that data read/write is not as fast as flash technology



 27. Blu-ray disks are a type of solid state memory



 28. In an optical disk (e.g. CD) a laser beam burns tiny dark spots on to the surface of the optical disk, in a ….

  sequence of magnetic vibrations

  sequence of ASCII characters

  track spiralling around the entire disk

  series of mini solid state memory drives

 29. On an optical disk the pits and spots where there are no pits (lands) represent ….

  sound waves

  binary values

  magnetic waves

  All of the above

 30. Optical storage can be ….

  only read-write

  only read-only

  magnetic and solid state combined

  read-only or read-write

 31. Read only optical storage includes CD-R and BluRay-R. For these, once the laser has burned pits onto the surface of the disk, they….

  are only temporarily fixed

  cannot be removed unless they are washed with either vinegar or hardened water

  can be removed

  cannot be removed

 32. The disadvantages of optical storage include:

  Not cheap if terabytes need to be stored

  Not as portable as Flash media

  All of the above are valid disadvantages of optical storage

  Easily scratched and slow to write (burn) and much slower than a hard disk to access

 33. Soild state media hold data using electronic switches. If the switch is open it's a 1, else a 0. This is ….

  None of the above

  …an optical form of storage similar to that of DVDs

  …an electrical form of storage which is unlike magnetic or optical media. (also called Flash Memory)

  …a magnetic form of storage and is also called magno-solid state media

 34. The advantages of cloud storage(for a company) include:

  A company would not need to hire local IT staff to manage and store data

  A company would not have to pay the energy costs of running a big server and data backup is done automatically.

  All of the above are valid advantages that a company would experience on purchasing cloud storage

  A company would not have to purchase costly in house servers

 35. One obvious disadvantage of cloud storage is that you are tied to your machine at home for accessing your data and cannot do it anywhere with a network connection