03 - How does Email work?

 1. According to Darwin Magazine: Prime Movers, the first e-mail message was sent in 1971 by an engineer named __________.Prior to this, you could only send messages to users on a single machine.

  Steven Benjamin

  Ray Tomlinson.

  Steve Jobs

  Bill Gates

 2. Tomlinson's breakthrough was the ability to send messages to other machines on the Internet, using _________ to designate the receiving machine.

  the & sign

  the @ sign

  the # sign

  the capital E sign

 3. The first step in how email works is: The sender __________________ using the email client on their computer.

  buys email paper from the post office

  hand writes a message

  recieves a message

  composes a message

 4. Read the paragraph below which explains (using technical key words) what the two email servers do. Fill in the blanks.
For the vast majority of people right now, the real e-mail 
system consists of two different servers running on a server

1. One is called the _____________, where SMTP stands 
for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The SMTP server handles 
outgoing mail. 

2. The other is either a POP3 server or an IMAP
server, both of which handle incoming mail. POP stands for
Post Office Protocol, and IMAP stands for Internet Mail 
Access Protocol.

  SMTP server

  GOOGLE server

  BEND server

  SEND server

 5. When the user sends the message, the email text and attachments are uploaded to the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server as outgoing mail.



 6. All outgoing messages wait in the outgoing mail queue while the SMTP server communicates with the DNS to find out where the recipient's email server ________.

  is legal

  is frozen

  is located

  is locked

 7. DNS stands for Domain Name Server - think of it like a phone book for domain names and server IP addresses.



 8. If the SMTP server finds the recipient's email server, it will transfer the message. If the recipient's server cannot be found, the sender will get a _______ notification in their inbox.

  Mail Snail

  You have Mail

  Mail Failure

  Mail Success

 9. The next time the recipient clicks "Send & Receive" their email client will ___________________from their own email server. You've got mail!

  copy and delete all new messages

  delete all new messages

  download all new messages

  copy all old messages

 10. There are 3 types of protocols (a protocol is a set of rules) that govern email. Select three from the following list.