04 - Controlling Physical Information

 1. Computers can only interact with the world if they are connected to input and output devices.



 2. These devices allow them to respond to the world around them and to act according to their own mind and will (e.g they have free will)



 3. What is the sequence of instructions, written to control an object or thing, known as?





 4. Which of the following is untrue of computer control?

  Control systems can run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  Computers can respond very rapidly to change

  Control systems are not perfect, but can work efficiently

  Computers can make instant decisions when something unusual happens

 5. Which of the following is NOT an exmaple of computer control?

  A Human eye

  Automated Traffic lights

  Central Heating System

  Digital Camera

 6. In a water heater, ________ are used to react to a drop in temperature and tell an output device, like a heating element, to heat up the water.




  sun lights

 7. You might have sensors in your home to control the lights. When light sensors detect that it is dark outside a computer can instruct the lights in your driveway to _______.

  look the other way

  switch on

  switch off

  sense some more

 8. An ADC (analogue to digital convertor) converts analogue data from the sensors into ________.


  digital data

  human form


 9. What is used to convert signals between the sensors and processor?


  control unit

  interface box


 10. A magnetic sensor is often used to detect a car approaching a traffic light.