08 - Creating audio and sound files

 1. It is possible to store sound files on a computer in digital format. (digital refers to storage as bits)



 2. Sound input through a _____________ is converted to digital for storage and manipulation



  camera lens


 3. Digital sound is broken down into thousands of samples per second. Each sound sample is stored as ________ data.(1s and 0s)





 4. A vinyl record (aka gramophone record) is an example of a digital sound device.



 5. A CD stores sound that is in digital format.



 6. The advantage of storing sound digitally (in bits) is that it makes it easier to ______, manipulate and move around.

  listen to




 7. A USB stick is capable of holding sound files.



 8. Sound files are stored in various formats, incluing .wav, and _______.





 9. Things like bit rate and bit depth affect how an audio file will sound, in other words, it affects the ______ of sound.





 10. Years ago, music or sound was stored on ________ (like the one shown in the picture).

  casette tapes

  magnetic sticks

  flash boxes

  hard drives