History of Video Games

 1. Is the following statement true or false?
Video games are one of the best inventions that has ever been created, occupying boredom from kids up to adults. Starting from digital, we are making our war closer to virtual reality which can not only advance the gaming world significantly, but it can also provide an environment for people to use without real life risk.



 2. What is a video game specifically?

  Anything you can interact with by electronically manipulating computer-generated images on a display screen

  Off-the-shelf software

  Downloadable and interactive software

  The hardware used to interact with software

 3. Who created the 1st interactive television, called 'The Brown Box' in 1966?

  Ralph Baer

  Simon Alder

  Rodge Parker

  Robert Alder

 4. The 1st game created on the brown box, was called ' Chase'. How did the game work?

  An avatar jumped up and down

  3 dots chase each other around a screen

  2 dots chase each other around a screen

  A block hits other blocks off the screen

 5. What was the 1st electronic game created?

  Bertie the Brain/Pong

  Bertie the Brain/Drum tapper

  Bertie the Brain/Snake

  Bertie the Brain/tic-tac-toe

 6. Who made the 1st electronic game?

  Joseph Karls

  Josef Kates

  Carlos Tane

  Martin Colah

 7. How tall was the computer to play the 1st electronic game on it?


  80 cm



 8. What is the name of the 1st ever home system for video games called?

  Marcus Borne

  Mayner Habels

  Magna Ossie

  Magnavox Odyssey

 9. Which of the following games is the most popular of all time?


  Final Fantasy

  Need for Speed

  Donkey Kong

 10. How much money did the greatest game of all time generate before its 10-year mark once created?

  $2.5 Million

  $250 Million

  $250 Billion

  $2.5 Billion