08 - Performance Modelling

 1. This is the process of carrying out mathematical approximations of how well models perform. e.g. How efficient they are.


  Visualisation modelling

  Heuristic modelling

  Performance modelling

 2. Performance modelling is based around the use of ______________.



  recursive algorithms

  caller types

 3. Performance modelling allows a company to ________________________________________________________.

  do only error testing and focus on a few basic things (not comprehensive testing)

  avoid complex and full testing that may be prohibitive.

  avoid any testing at all by simply assuming a model will work

  ensure complex and full real-world testing at great cost

 4. A company could, for example, test a new high tech server to see how it will perform before it can be used. Without performance modelling, this would be:

  cheap and efficient

  perfect for testing, as a simulation would not be useful at all

  functional and recursive

  expensive and potentially too difficult to really test comprehensively

 5. Developers for online games may use performance modelling. This is sometimes called a free _______________________period.
This period would allow the online game developers to see what the load on the system is ahead of an official launch. It is an incredibly helpful tool in development and implementation. 

  beta testing

  pipeline testing

  alpha testing

  gamma testing