06 - Comparison low and high level languages

 1. Low level languages are called 'low' because they are extremely close to ….

  machine code (1s and 0s)

  high level languages

  human beings


 2. High level languages are easier to understand and are more user-friendly than low level languages.



 3. Low level are more appropriate for developing new operating systems or writing ….
If you're really inspired by this subject, you may want to check out this video: low level game design

  complex code that is easily understood by a programmer e.g. game design code

  low level code for programs like Python and C

  firmware codes for micro-controllers

  high level programs for high level software

 4. Speed is a consideration when using a language. In terms of execution high level languages are ….

  slower, because they are all written in English which takes a while to get your head around

  faster, as they are 'higher' in terms of superiority and efficiency

  slower, as they have much abstraction and layers of code before they reach the hardware

  faster, as they are close to machine code and reach the hardware directly

 5. In low level languages, machine code is much closer, making it…

  slower to process and return the output

  faster to process and return the output

  slower to output because 1s and 0s are not terribly user-friendly

  None of the above

 6. High level languages are not portable



 7. High level languages are mostly written to write pieces of software which …

  are not very flexible and only perform exactly one function

  can add, subtract and load data, and that's about it

  can run on multiple platforms and architectures

  can run on only a single CPU architecture

 8. In terms of development time (the time taken to create the software), high level languages have:

  high development time (time consuming)

  low development time

  None of the above

  zero development time

 9. Low level languages generally have much much larger file sizes.



 10. C is an interesting language and is often considered mid-level since it is both high and low level in its features
Note that the level of language is also, in many cases,
 decided relative to other languages. For example, c
ompared to machine language(which is the lowest level of all 
languages), C is a higher-level languages but compared to Java,
 it is a lower level language. C programming language has both 
advantages – high development speed as well as compact size of program.