04_Demonstrating the scope of a variable.py

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Code Snippet

#  program demonstrating the scope of a variable
# (i.e. where it can be used)

def my_function(n):
    print("n in function: ",n)
    print("number in function: ",number)

number = 10
print("number in main program: ",number)

# Uncomment the line above and try to run.
# You will get an error, because....
# n is not known outside of the function my_function.
# Notice however that number is known in the function
# as well as in the main program!
# We say that number has global scope, but n has local scope.
# Local scope means the variable is only available
# in the function where it is defined
# Global scope means the variable is available everywhere in the code.

#example from: http://www.annedawson.net/Python3Programs.txt

Try it yourself