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Video Lesson 1:

In 2020 seventeen year old Avi Shiffman created a very simple covid stats site using webscraping. He was offered $8 million for it! Webscraping is absolutely huge, big business and the potential is enormous. In this four part series you learn everything you need to know to get started on your own web scraping project either as a standalone project or to integrate it into an existing research or website idea.

What's covered: This is a four part, unique, engaging and truly student and beginner friendly series on FULL STACK web scraping. In other words, you'll learn not just how to scrape websites, use beautiful soup and python, but also how to display your scraped data on a beautiful website. Front end (Bootstrap, HTML) and Backend (Flask, Python). If you'd like to see the final code (for video four) you can find it on github: You may want to brush up on your knowledge before attempting this series although it is not necessary. Some suggested viewing is below: Intro computing and programming (absolute beginner): Intro to Flask (full stack design) with database connectivity: Object Orientated Programming (Python) Again, this is recommended but not entirely necessary to follow on and complete the projects in this video series. A new OOP course will be out shortly on testandtrack.