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Lesson 1: Video and Presentation

In this test you will be assessed on your knowledge of the fundamentals covered in this video series and powerpoint. Please be sure to look up the terms and definitions for the purpose of academic study. For instance, we refer to "functions" in the video but a student must take on board of the differences between a procedure and a function and the definitions outlined (see below). Before you complete this assessment please make sure you have:

a) Watched the following video

(copy link and open in youtube if required)

Coding in Python

You can either use or (can use this without signing in)

b) Worked through the powerpoint (the coding tasks in the video)

c) Done some additional reading and research on  - Jon Von Neumann, Python Programming (What is Python?), Creating functions, syntax, indentation, variables, the print function.

Distinction between a Function and Procedure

A function returns a value and a procedure just executes commands. The name function comes from math. It is used to calculate a value based on input. A procedure is a set of commands which can be executed in order. 

There is however, some discussion around this topic when it comes to Python. Browse the following links if you are interested. 

Differences between a function and procedure


All the best!

Additional Introduction to Python programming powerpoint