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Bubble Sort

Bubble sort is a comparison?-based algorithm that compares each pair of elements in an array and swaps them if they are out of order until the entire array is sorted.

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#1 Write a Python program to sort a list of elements using the bubble sort algorithm

#2 Comment each line of the python solution below to show your understanding of the algorithm

Try it yourself


def bubbleSort(nlist):
    for passnum in range(len(nlist)-1,0,-1):
        for i in range(passnum):
            if nlist[i]>nlist[i+1]:
                temp = nlist[i]
                nlist[i] = nlist[i+1]
                nlist[i+1] = temp

nlist = [14,46,43,27,57,41,45,21,70]

Animated Demo


Flowchart: Python Data Structures and Algorithms: Bubble sort