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Introduction to Data Structures

What do you think of when you think of the word "structures"? I tend to think of a big building, like a skyscraper and other architectural structures like houses. A data structure is a structure for data (this is not an exam definition though). A better definition is: "A data structure is a specialized format for organizing and storing data. General data structure types include the array, the file, the record, the table, the tree, and so on. Any data structure is designed to organize data to suit a specific purpose so that it can be accessed and worked with in appropriate ways."

Introductory Presentation

Highly recommended video #1

Overview of Data Structures video #2

Data Structures to study including:

Arrays (of up to 3 dimensions), records, lists, tuples, linked-list, graph (directed and undirected), stack, queue, tree, binary search tree, hash table.

Interesting Video Link

Discussion about why we need to learn about data structures