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Data Capture Methods

In order to be deemed of anu use, a database or information system needs data entered into it right? There are several methods which can be used to collect and enter data, some manual, some automatic.

Direct capture

Here are some of the methods that can be used to capture data directly.

Barcode reader

A bar code reader uses visible red light to scan and 'read' the barcode. The scanner converts the the lighter and darker bands of the barcode into data.

Barcode - Wikipedia

The digital data is then input into the computer. The computer may display the results on a screen and also input it into the correct fields in the database.

Typical uses:

  • Shop - to find details on the product sold and price

  • Library - record the ISBN number of the book and the borrower's card number

  • Warehouse - to check the lables on boxes delivered against what is recorded on the delivery sheet.

Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR)

The numbers at the bottom of a cheque are written in a special ink which contains iron particles. This ink is magnetised and commonly