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Python Arithmetic Operators

Starter - Modulo Magic: Watch this video and discuss! How do you think this "magical" calculation was done? Scroll down to the bottom to see the code behind this mental arithmetic.


Arithmetic operators are used with numeric values to perform common mathematical operations:

Teaching and Learning Presentation

This presentation provides an overview of MOD and other operators along with trace tables. It provides examples in VB.Net which will be similar to Pseudocode.

Modulo Magic - Coded Solution - Try it yourself

Try it yourself

Operators shown below 

Operator Name Example Try it
+ Addition x + y Try it »
- Subtraction x - y Try it »
* Multiplication x * y Try it »
/ Division x / y Try it »
% Modulus x % y Try it »
** Exponentiation x ** y Try it »
// Floor division x // y Try it »